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Paul Trigwell



The sudden death of Paul on September 16th 2006 shocked not only his family but the whole Island......

(Written by Frank Dunn - September 2006)




St George's Middle School - Friday 15th 2006 - Sponsored Walk Day

"Paul it's been hot and sticky out there, is it okay to send them home in their kit?"
"Course it is, no problem with that"
"Thanks enjoy the theatre and have a good weekend"

The rest goes without saying. A Tear.

Monday morning, back in school! Why?

At no other time can I remember in school have students and staff gone so peaceably around. Almost in defiance of what they have heard.

Paul a man of many talents, famous for his strict discipline(The Iron Headmaster), his ruthless mind and his dry wit. Okay, I'll start again.

A passionate family man whose heart and soul went out to every single kid that ever had the honour to pass before him. I am sure thousands and I mean thousands of, Cheyne, St George's, Minster College (Sheppey School) will understand the man was totally dedicated to us all.

I can tell by the out pouring that you can still feel him. This is why the trust fund for these underprivileged kids in Paul's name must live on. He is then still for us.

Martin Luther King - "I have a dream"

So did Paul and the monies raised by his fund will help him realise it, as he looks down on us.

Paul is one of the most famous sportsmen to grace the hallowed turf at "The Ditch".

A little instance for you. Paul at full tilt (and believe me he could run), gone left everybody behind, powering his way to the try line, certain try! But unbeknown to Paul, the opposition had pinched the ball from under his arm and were scoring at the other end. Do I tell you the story of the man who had been out Friday night and was hung over when we kicked off on the Saturday... another time perhaps.

Paul the entertainer, author, co-author, director, co-director of various school productions, enjoyed by the masses, acclaimed by the critics.

I am sure there are many out there who remember such classics as King Arthur and the Knights of the Rectangular Table, The Black Knight, The Wizard of Oz and many more. The highlight of the school calendar.

Sir Henry Royce would have been quaking in his boots when ever Paul lifted the bonnet of his car. It needed oil. We watched as he began to pour oil in. Through the channel he had just taken the dip stick from. "Is this right?" he questioned pouring oil every where apart from into the engine. "Course it is!" Sorry mate

If you can support this cause in anyway you will help some under privileged children and you will also be helping to keep Paul's name alive. He truly was a great friend, an excellent colleague and a superb mentor to myself and many many others. I know lots of you wouldn't be where you are or who you are today had Paul not touched your life too.

I miss him