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2017 Ten years on... Time for a transition.

Paul Trigwell

I’d like to start this page with a big thank you to all of my family, friends and loyal supporters (of which there are too many to name here,) for their hard work and support over the last ten years. We have raised an astonishing sum of over £100,000 pounds for the Paul Trigwell Memorial Fund in that time so I really must thank you, the loyal participants for all of your efforts. For those of you who do not know what this fund is all about you can read more on our web pages here.

It takes an awful lot of effort for a small team of family and close friends to organise this event alongside our day jobs and family commitments. Whilst we wanted to see the event continue it was becoming increasingly difficult for a number of reasons. After my announcement last year that my family and friends were stepping down and that 2016 would be the last run I was overwhelmed with the pledges of support that followed…

So by now you will know that this event is now going ahead for 2017 and I have to thank the members of the Rotary Club of Minster on Sea for stepping up here. We are taking a back seat but helping them with our support and guidance to take over the organising of the run this year in the hope that this legacy will continue for many more years to come. I’m delighted the Rotary Club will be taking over as they share so many similarities with us and have the same overriding ethos. I truly hope that you will continue to support them in the same way that you have supported us throughout the last ten years.

Fiona Trigwell - Feb 2017

....Thank you Fiona.

The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea (RCoMoS) are delighted that you and your team are helping us this year to continue the legacy that is The Island Run. Like many others we didn't want to see this event die after all of the effort that has gone into keeping it alive for over forty years that we can remember! So let us tell you more about our dreams for this event and the similarities and ethos that we share with the Paul Trigwell Memorial Fund (PTMF):

The RCoMoS are a charity registered organisation made up of volunteers who meet up on a weekly basis to enjoy social activities and support our local community through many fundraising events throughout the year. Just like the PTMF we formed our Club 10 years ago with an ethos to support the local community. Over the years our members have also raised well over £100,000 for the local community. And again like the PTMF we try to rely on a very supportive local community of sponsors and supporters to ensure that every penny that we raise goes to charitable causes. Whilst we do support a couple of National and International charities our over-riding ethos is to put the money that we raise locally back into the local community. With regards to the island Run we want to ensure that the PTMF continues to be funded from the money raised by this event.

With regards to the run:-

Fiona and her team have done an amazing job in growing this event that we want to continue. We are really lucky that we also have the Kent Sports Trust on board to help us with the marketing of this event. Our sincere thanks go to Steve Wolfe for the marketing support, guidance and ideas that he is bringing to us to help The Island Run continue to grow. He / we will keep you posted via facebook, twitter and other media sources on the latest developments.